What is Speechless?

Speechless is a unique drama ministry that focuses on the power of the Gospel. In a unique and artistic way, this series of short dramas presented back-to-back powerfully presents the Gospel message. Starting with the fall of man and the entrapment and consequences of sin, Speechless holds up a mirror to show the human condition. Then, in depictions of repentance and forgiveness through the cross, the dramas introduce the saving grace delivered in Jesus.

This focus on the Gospel is a powerful outreach to non-Christians but it will also be an immense encouragement to believers. Challenging the mind and the heart, Speechless will leave you in awe of the God of the universe.

Set to a wide variety of music, Speechless is unlike any night of drama that you have ever experienced. Individual Speechless dramas are usually about 4 or 5 minutes and without words. Each drama is completely independent of the rest of the program and is an independent story and message all on its own. But each of the mini-dramas reflect different aspects of the Gospel message: the original fall into sin, slavery to sin, consequences of sin, the call to repentance, forgiveness, salvation by faith (apart from works), the sovereignty of God, peace independent of circumstances, the ongoing battle with sin, etc. When tied together, the program presents a complete and powerful presentation of the Gospel. These dramas are each based on specific verses and use themes both from biblical times as well as modern times to tie to together a clear message in a very unique and thought provoking way. The dramas are connected by one minute narratives that tie the previous drama to specific verses and then to introduce the next drama. So, there is an overall continuity and flow to the program.

The program is centered on the Gospel so it is a great outreach event. But the focus on the Gospel is also intentionally presented to be an encouragement and conviction to believers in their own walks. The presentation is worthwhile for a whole range of ages. From Junior High Students to working adults (and everyone in between), all will be challenged to better understand their relationship with the God of the universe.

From California to the Caribbean and into parts of Asia, Speechless presentations have made an impact on thousands of lives because the Gospel message is the power of God.